Meshack Obera Adiedo - Nairobi General Coordinator

Meshack is the owner of Baidili Educational Center serving orphans and vulnerable children in Dandora slum, and a member of the academic committee under the County Director of Education. Previously,  he worked as a teacher at Smibiah’s Star Academy and a head teacher at Luna Academy and Torati Educational Centre. He holds a certificate in ECDE from City Centre for Early Childhood Education in Nairobi and a certificate in counselling from Amani Counselling Centre. He is also serving as the secretary of Ogwedhi Self-Help Group since 2011, organising loaning program for the welfare of its members. 

Questions in this interview:

(1) When did you join CSAK? (2) What vision do you share with CSAK? (3) What are the achievements in the last years? (4) What are the programs in your county?

Jecinta W. Karani - Upper Kasarani Sub-County Coordinator

Jecinta is the school manager and head teacher of Jeheca Educational Centre in Mwiki, Kasarani. She holds a certificate in ECD and received training in Montessori and has Leadership Certificate from Teal Africa Clarence Matteny Institute. She has worked on children with special needs for 12 years with Seed Institute, Kenya Association for the Intellectual Handicapped (KAIH) and Local Area Advisory Committee (LAAC). 

Questions in this interview:

(1) Why did you start working with children with special need? (2)What have you achieved so far? (3) Can you give us some data? (4) Do you think your program could be replicated in other areas? (5) What are the key resources that are lacking? (6) So the government is not providing any resources now? (7) What do you think the next very important thing the government should do?

Samuel Makori - Nyamira County Coordinator

Samuel is the School Manager of Gartihill Educational Centre. He holds a Diploma in Education (Christian Religious Education and Economics) at Bondo University. He is undertaking B.A. in Theology with T-Net International in University Minnesota, specializing in Leadership and Theology. He serves on the board of Global School Partners, RPC Church, and Bisage High School.

Questions in this interview: 

(1) Why did you found your school? (2) Why don’t they go to public schools? (3) One of your student is in University of Toronto? (4) How are your other students doing in national exams? (5) Who are paying for them? (6) How long you’ve been working with Complementary Schools Association of Kenya? (7) Why did you join the Association?