is our pilot community based centre aimed at offering quality inclusive education to orphans and persons with disabilities in Kasarani Division in Nairobi County. The center is located in densely populated area with physically disabled children, internally displaced persons and HIV/AIDS orphans who need special attention. This centre came in to rescue the children from the harsh reality of life by means of rehabilitation, care and education.

Group of five teachers volunteered to teach the 30 disadvantaged children from nursery to primary level. Since its inception in 2003, the center has been running as a single stream 8-4-4 curriculum and has done KCPE three times, taking more than 10 pupils through secondary schools. We hope to have the following programs in the near future:

  1. Both formal and non formal Inclusive education from nursery to class eight
  2. Feeding programs for the orphans and the physically/intellectually disabled
  3. Counseling /guiding for all children
  4. Parent support groups
  5. Therapy sessions for children with disability
  6. Home visits
  7. Creation of community awareness

Founder Interview

Jecinta W. Karani - Upper Kasarani Sub-County Coordinator

Jecinta is the school manager and head teacher of Jeheca Educational Centre in Mwiki, Kasarani. She holds a certificate in ECD and received training in Montessori and has Leadership Certificate from Teal Africa Clarence Matteny Institute. She has worked on children with special needs for 12 years with Seed Institute, Kenya Association for the Intellectual Handicapped (KAIH) and Local Area Advisory Committee (LAAC). 

Questions in this interview:

(1) Why did you start working with children with special need? (2)What have you achieved so far? (3) Can you give us some data? (4) Do you think your program could be replicated in other areas? (5) What are the key resources that are lacking? (6) So the government is not providing any resources now? (7) What do you think the next very important thing the government should do?


  1. To empower the children with quality basic education and skills at an early age.
  2. To be able to address the very mandatory right of the children which are protection, health and education.
  3. To eradicate the vicious cycle of poverty and drug abuse in our community by enhancing the social, physical and psychological development of the children.
  4. To address the special cases of stigmatized members of our community as way of providing protection, equality and development
  5. To be an inclusive center for children with special needs