MOST Our field team members are school founders IN SLUMS

We believe in local wisdom and community initiatives. Our first teacher training pilot was conducted together with Complementary Schools Association of Kenya (CSAK), the largest Kenyan organization formed by school managers in urban informal settlements.  Through the partnership, we worked directly with school-owners, who founded low-cost, private schools for the disadvantaged children from their community. Years without government support like that provided for public schools nor high tuition charged by private schools, they struggle daily to make their ends met and keep students at school. Listen to their stories - about how they keep their school running and come together to fight for our children's rights. 


Meshack Adiedo - founder of Baidili Educational Center

"I expect CSAK to build a strong base of cooperation and coordination in all stakeholders’ service delivery. It should also fight for the welfare of our schools in partnership with the government and other partners in the sector."


Jecinta karani - founder of jeheca children center

"I am a parent of a disabled boy and I know how hard it is to get support for children with special needs. That's why I started Jeheca Project which provided 30 children from my community free therapy weekly."

Samuel Makori - Founder of Gartihill Educational Centre

"I founded my school because I wanted to help the drop-out children, the vulnerable children, and the ones experiencing home-violence to have a place they call home, so that they can achieve their dreams. One of my students went to University of Toronto."