registration guidelines
A minimum 30% of the teachers at an institution of APBET shall have obtained a relevant teacher training certificate from a recognised teacher training institution at registration. The rest must be undertaking recognised in-service training and management of the institution shall progressively ensure that all their teachers are registered with the TSC by the third year of registration of the institution.
— 4.2 Standard Requirements for Teaching, Learning and Assessment, APBET Registration Guidelines

Teaching requires as much expertise as any other professional field – if not more. However, more than half of the 8 million Kenyan children studying in informal schools are taught by untrained teachers. Approximately 132,000 teachers in Kenya are untrained and unqualified, providing sub-standard education to already underprivileged children.  

Why so? In Kenya, there are only 5 in-service government appointed training colleges. Their tuition per month is 190% higher than teachers’ average salary. Though there are higher numbers of cheaper community training colleges, they are still too expensive for the majority of the informal school teachers. In addition, since these colleges are largely unregulated, some hire unqualified trainers and raise fee after enrollment, resulting in many teachers’ dropping out. 

Our Solution 

We aim to make in-service teacher training more affordable and accessible through working with existing community training colleges to:

  1. Lower their cost by 40% through increased enrollment.
  2. Provide more financing options including monthly payment and provision of loan.
  3. Streamline attendence checking, in-class quizes, and teaching evaluation through online mobile platform.


In Aug 22-26, 2016, we conducted a 5-day training pilot with 200 teachers from 120 member schools of Complementary Schools Association of Kenya (CSAK) in four biggest slums of Nairobi (Kibera, Mathare, Embakasi and Kasarani). The cost is reduced cost by 40% through increased enrollment. 

The closing ceremony on Aug 27th, 2016 was attended by government officials in most education departments including Ministry of Education, Nairobi County Education Office, Teacher Service Commission (TSC) and KICD. The pilot was also widely covered by national and international press including Nation TV (Kenya’s largest TV channel), CCTV Africa, China Daily and Biblia Hosema Radio, generating 4.1 million views in total. The pilot was monitored and evaluated by four sub-country quality assurance officers and a third-party evaluator with positive result.

Download our report here

Alpha Test

  • Recruitment Oct 1 - Nov 14: Recruit 100 teachers through school managers and sign contract

  • Training Nov 14 - Dec 9: Test online learning platform and evaluate training

  • Tuition and Loan Collection Jan 1 - March, 31, 2017: As indicated in the contract

If the program passes the alpha test with indicators like positive evaluation result, successful repayment collection, etc., we will finish the rest four sessions in Apr, Aug, Dec 2017 and Apr 2018 respectively for all the 100 teachers to obtain formal qualification.